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The smaller Oto kicked the bucket this morning I noticed it flipping upside down @ the surface last night, moved it to a quarantine tank w/ some stress coat, didn't help. Its buldgy little stomach turned a yellow-ish hue (was white).

Had a nitrite spike yesterday (7.2pH/0 Ammonia/2ppm Nitrite/20ppm Nitrate). I did a 10% water change yesterday and a 25% today, added some more Nutrafin Cycle. I don't know what caused it, perhaps I left the piece of ketapang (almond) leaf rotting @ the bottom too long?

Any idea what caused the Oto to die, is it the nitrite? The other fish and inverts are all fine.

Some new pics (Day +1):

Did some more trimming, water cleared up nicely

Started growing a moss wall for my 9g

The evil ghost shrimp from my Spec, couldn't bring myself to flush it

RIP of course it had to be my favorite fish

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