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Originally Posted by fresh.salty View Post
Those numbers sort of make it confusing. I can only relate to dry weight of pellet, flake etc. So in my head should I keep the dry weight in mind when determining how long a package would last me?

I will break it down further:

2 oz packet costs $7. This will make approximately 1 lb of food when reconstituted (I can feed about 100 tanks with this amount).

4 oz packet $10 and makes approximately 2 lb of food
8 oz packet $18 and makes approximately 4lb of food
16 oz packet $28 and makes approximately 8 lb of food
64 oz packet = $60 = and makes approximately 32 lb of food

The typical ratio is 1:3, powder to water. The reconstituted amount (I have it listed in lbs) is how you would compare cost breakdown to a pelleted or flake food.
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