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I have been feeding this stuff almost exclusively to all my fish and inverts for over a month now (Thanks Rachel) and I highly recommend it. Both my piggy fish and inverts as well as my picky ones eat it up. They love it, and to be honest I seem to see a lot more healthy growth now that I have started using these. They are GREAT for fry grow out tanks since the fry can just graze on them. My blue eyed L144s also LOVE the soilent green even though they are normally a bit more picky than my other plecos. I have been super happy and impressed with the results and I am so glad you have them available now Rachel. As soon as I run out of this last batch I will be ordering more from you. If it hasn't been mentioned already, the mixes make a really good amount of food, so it takes a while to run out. I like to just mix enough for one week at the beginning of each week and keep it in the fridge, but you can make a lot and freeze it too.

Baby L144...and some pest snails on the soilent green lol

Shrimp Souffle

Shrimp Souffle
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