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Well, tank is setup, water in, filters flowing, heater heating...I'll get some plants in tomorrow, acclimate the shrimp, and get some pics. I am realizing that I will probably need to upgrade the lights as the two 30w T12's aren't really cutting it so for the time being I am adding a couple clipons with CLF bulbs to supplement. I am also using two sponge filters powered by an airpump. Not really diggin' that setup. I might change to one sponge with a small powerhead and invest in a small canister. That way I have my sponge, have some flow from the powerhead, polishing from the canister, and surface agitation also from the canister. If I decide later to do CO2 in this tank I can also send that through the canister. I am looking at the SunSun (AquaTop) line of filters. Anyways, just an update...stay tuned for some pics tomorrow once everything is settles a little better.

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