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Originally Posted by madness View Post
So it is sort of like mixing Jello and you make it into cubes or something with a mold or else you coat things with it?
Yes, its similar to makign a gelatin based food, except for it has non-mammalian, soy, or gluten based binders which better mimic the actual foods fish would ingets in the wild, increasing their digestability. The binders also make these VERY stable in water. I have left them for up to 4 days in fry tanks, no mold though they do start to soften after 2 days. This allows grazers (or fry/invertebrates/discus, etc etc) to be able to graze slowly instead of binge eating. For fish like aufwuchs grazers (stiphodons, most ancistrus, otocinclus, etc) this is phenomenal. I like to place it on wood for my ancistrus, terra cotta or rocks for my stiphodons/gobies, inside escargot shells for fish that are more predatory, etc. It does not stick to plastic, so its very easy to clean up. Surfaces witha little bit of texture work better.

Originally Posted by billb View Post
Wow! Great pictures. Looks like the new product is popular with a lot of different species. I am very pleased to see it can be layered onto surfaces. This will be great for my Oto's and Red Neon Gobies. Can't wait to get my order!
I swear by it for my gobies and otos, also nerites. Its SO much easier for me to be able to feed these foods then try to culture enough algae for 1000 otocinclus and 2000 nerites at a time. The ingredients are great.

Please note, you can alter the amount of water added in order to make it a little thinner for a longer workability time. I would encourage you to make a small batch the first time until you see the timing on the gelling agents. Its also why Allen suggests microwaving it in the container you are going to be mixing in. Instead, I use a warmed container and then add the powder to water I boil (I am a weirdo and don't like microwaves, lol).

Another nice thing about this food is that you can easily make medicated batches of food. Its a great way to deliver meds, especially parasite meds, in a more palatable way. Cheaper and more effective than dosing the water column as well.

It can be refrigerated, or frozen. Please note that if you freeze it, be sure to separate the pieces as it will stick to itself. I use layers of saran wrap then put it in freezer ziplocks.

There is a TON of versatility and applications for this food. I really look forward to the feedback on how others end up using it. I know I have really enjoyed the process of trying it and seeing how it can applyto so many of my critters.
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