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I actually added this because i see a lot of questions like "why wont my incandescent/actinic lights grow plants? I've got enough wattage!"

I know that light reflection and human eye perception is much more complicated that i made it out to be, but actually adding that information in there would just complicate the idea i was trying to get across. You can see in the chart that the other spectrums are absorbed by the plant to a point, but not at nearly the rate that the proper spectrums are.

Also, wouldnt this factor in quite a bit from emmiter to emmiter? I know a lot of fixture manufacturers order patented emmiters from cree that put out the spectrums they want. Those patented emmiters vs a regular cool white would be significantly different in useable plant light, right?

If you really think this complicates things too much or its really just not useful end-user information, i'd be glad to take it down. If you think it is useful and can think of a way to improve the information in a concise way, i'm all for editing it. I'd like this thing to be a knowledge base from the community - for the community, not just from my point of view.

LED Lighting Compendium
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