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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
TY, why didn't I think of fishing line just ordered some.
Wait... you could've just bought fishing line at Walmart instead of ordering some online lol

Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Got the bamboo from Walmart (Petco was expensive and short), one of those circle bunched ones for $16 (about 20+ stems). I took it apart and only kept the inner circle together. Planted other stems separately. Didn't start this tank until a week ago. Not sure about propagation (I think you just cut long top stalks off), I had 3 thicker stems from years ago and planted those also.
Your Walmart carries bamboo? Was it in the fish section?

Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Would like to add a black background (the green/black contrast would be great), what do people use? Just black wallpaper? What about adhesive? Tape the sides?
You can easily paint the back glass of the tank black and the color will carry over to the front. You can even paint it while the tank is running, just be really careful and make sure the place is well ventilated.

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