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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Subbing to each of your tanks. Shoulda' let me know you started another one :P.

Did you get all that bamboo from Petco? I like the bamboo forest look ! Wonder how well that bamboo will grow for you. Any idea how to propagate it?

That red moss looks great too, hope it doesn't fall off the frogbit.

As for the bamboo shrine, you could use some fishing line? Those are nearly invisible!
Originally Posted by williamsonaaron View Post
+1 for fishing line. Go to a fishing store and by fluorocarbon freshwater tippet line. It will truly be invisible I use to catch trout in local rivers(trust me they never see it).
TY, why didn't I think of fishing line just ordered some. Red club moss would look amazing in water, but it'll probably suffocate. I'm experimenting with a little bit on the bottom though, maybe an air stone?

Got the bamboo from Walmart (Petco was expensive and short), one of those circle bunched ones for $16 (about 20+ stems). I took it apart and only kept the inner circle together. Planted other stems separately. Didn't start this tank until a week ago. Not sure about propagation (I think you just cut long top stalks off), I had 3 thicker stems from years ago and planted those also.

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
That is fun!

You might be aware of this, but that "bamboo" is not really bamboo. It is Draceana sanderiana, also known as lucky bamboo.

Have you considered a black background? I think it will improve with a black background.
Right lucky bamboo (name slipped my mind), they will last a few months-a year if fully submersed because they're hardy, but I have all the leaves out of the water.

Would like to add a black background (the green/black contrast would be great), what do people use? Just black wallpaper? What about adhesive? Tape the sides?
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