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xenxes's Aqueon 20L - "Bamboo Jungle" + Otos/CPDs/Pygm, PFR/CBS/OEBT/Cardinal/BluBees

Current Status (7/30/12)

No longer a forest, turned into a jungle (inside and outside the tank). Testing out a new grow light I just setup on 2/10. Established & stable, only maintenance is water top offs and sporadic feeding.

Tank Progression Pics

Latest FTS:

Tank Pics:

Current Equipment:

- 20L tank from Petco ($20)
- Recycled light & filter from broken EHEIM Aquastyle
- AquaClear 20 Power Filter, and AquaClear 50 Power Filter with Edge Pre-Filter Sponge
- Hydrofarm Grow Light System - single T5 54w
- Black Krylon Paint background

Current Fauna:

- 4 Panda Platies + unknown # of fry
- 6 Otocinclus
- 9 Corydoras Habrosus
- 11 Corydoras Pygmaeus
- 50+ Red Cherry Shrimps
- 4 Nerite Snails
- ?? Malaysian Trumpet, Ramshorn, Pond Snails
- ?? Copepods, Amphipods, Ostracods, Cladoceras

Current Flora:

Honestly have no idea, I got 4 plant packages from members here and planted them all, lol.

From: snailer
- Crypt Willisi Blyxa Japonica
- Ludwigia Grandulosa
- Lobelia Cardinalis
- Crypt Wendt Red
- ???

From haterr:
- Sagittaria Subulata
- Lindernia Parviflora Var 'Variegated'
- Vallisneria Americana Gigantea
- Hydocotyle Leucocephyala
- Nuphar Lutea V. 'Cape Fear'

From dewalltheway:
- Ludwigia Arcuata
- Limnophila Veitnam Mini
- Narrow Leaf Java Fern
- Fissidens

From thefisherman:
- Limnophila Aromatica
- Limnophila Repens Mini
- Star Repens
- Hygrophila Polysperma
- Green Cabomba
- Hygrophila Pinnatifida
- Rotala Macrandra

- Lucky Bamboo (Draceana) emerged
- Xmas Moss
- HC
- Marsilea Minuta
- Amazon Micro Sword
- Assorted Crypts
- Frogbits
- Red Root Floaters
- Rotala Indica

Redacted Original Post:
Picked this up @ Petco's $1/g sale for $20.

1" of dirt, 1" of Fluval Plant Stratum, 1-2" of Tahitian moon sand, aquarium gravel, river rocks & pebbles

Some pics (water is still slightly muddy from some recent planting)

Full Scape, plants look miserable as a lot were planted yesterday after being in the mail for 3 days. I've actually added more since this pic

Testing a terrestrial moss growth on a frogbit

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