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Originally Posted by bmwguy525 View Post
That is a great looking tank. What equipment are you using? Filter/lighting/ferts/etc?

Good question - I'll update the main post as well. but here it is below as well.

80 gallon Bowfront from Marineland 26HX48X18(widest point)

Jager 125 - I highly recommend this brand of heater I believe it is and Eheim product.

Coralife Freshwater Aqualight 4X65w power compacts. I use two colormax bulbs and 2 6700k bulbs.
I have the fixture hung approximately 8 inches off the top of the tank.

Light Timing
I have the 2 color max bulbs on 8 hours a day and I give a 3 hour burst by turning on all 4 bulbs for 3 hours midday.

1 Eheim 2217
1 Eheim 2215
The fish and plants both love the flow from the dual filtration and I love the water clarity from the over filtration. I also personally think that the extra flow helps to prevent some algae types from getting rooted on my plant leaves.

Inert black sand and inert gravel. I originally used root tabs through out the tank for the first 6 - 8 months. This is not necessary anymore as fish poop provides all the ferts I need.

mostly none.
occasionally API plant zone
occasionally flourish excel for algae control..
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