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xenxes's Marina Betta Kit 0.5g - Nano Herb Garden

Current Status (7/4/12)
No longer doing anything with this, just threw it outside waiting for teardown.

"Tank" Progression Link

Serving as my nano plant nursery! See below pic for 9 day growth of clippings and HC (please disregard the avocado pit):

Now a limnophila aromatica herb garden

Old RCS / nano nursery Pics:



- Marina Betta Kit (got it when $7)
- Hagen Elite Mini filter ($7) + 1 mini-packet of carbon, and 1 mini packet of biomedia (both cut and sowed) + cut some of the inside sponge to superglue to intake.

Fauna: 6 RCS, unknown # of pond/ramshorn/MTS snail hatchlings, nematodes, copepods, ostracods

Flora: HC + random clippings @ back, frogbits, RRF, salvinia minima, dwarf watter lettuce, duckweed, water lettuce

Original Post:

So I got this 1/2 gallon Marina Betta Kit and decided to throw in 10 male Bettas.

Just kidding

Got this as a shrimp quarantine tank ($7) and because it looked neat, but ended up populating it. Grabbed a Hagen Elite Mini filter ($7), stuffed the hell out of it with sponges (superglued to intake also). Make-shift 3 layer filtration: added 1 mini-packet of carbon, and 1 mini packet of biomedia (both cut and sowed). Flow @ a trickle. Output angled up to water surface to create movement and not dislodge sand.

Fauna: 12 RCS, 3 MTS
Flora: HC, frogbits
Substrate 1/4" soil, some Fluval plant stratum, Tahitian moon sand & small gravel (only had white) cap

Water top-off daily, 30-50% change/week. I think the size works for RCS, but I'll be moving most over to my 9g when it arrives (unbroken hopefully).

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