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mopani wood will not stop leaching tannins

I have one in my brackish water tank that is currently 1.0025. I followed the manufacturer's directions and it has now been in the tank for 3 weeks and is still discoloring things enough I am doing 20% water changes every few days. I had heard that if you boil them for 2-4 hours, this helps, but it stunk the house out and had to quit after 15 minutes. Lots of tannin in that boiling water still. I am concerned bc even though the tannin cloudiness doesn't supposedly bother fish, it REALLY bothers my red claw crab. He hates it and as soon as it gets cloudier within hours of water change, he starts only hovering near that wood piece (his fav place) and not venturing out to eat anywhere. (He eats stuff off the wood and seems fine that way.)

Any help? I am ready to toss it and try a manzanita stump, but don't know where to find one that will fit my 5 gall. tank.
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