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At the store on Elizabeth, I think (the little underground one) that's where it is, I got a 1 1/2 in crayfish for $2. I had to rescue it, it was in half a Poland spring bottle with maybe a 1/2 inch of water, no substrate... I took it home, set it up in a jar with a hide, sand, and a bit of established gravel to cycle it. I'm feeding it tropical fish pellets (tetramin tropical granules that sinks and Wardley betta food that floats) and blanched spinach. Its kind of cool watching it eat the floating pellets since it stands up and tries to push it on top of its hide (which has a ramp to it) so it can grab it from the surface. Also, the shrimp stole the same food from my male betta! He is such a wuss, the shrimp just swam up to the surface and snatched it. Then it had to let go since it floated. Wow I'm off topic...well win tropical has a very limited plant selection lately. His bettas seem a bit sickly and they're in TINY glass milk bottles. But his other fish look great. Oh, and he has new angelfish babies! Seems his breeding pair made some babies.

Edit: there is another crayfish on the counter, but it is in slightly better quarters. A small kritter keeper with water. Someone save him/her and help me identify what species they are! She just said crayfish. Excuse any weird words, my iPhone auto corrects way to much.
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