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2.5 gallon -Endless Algae- 2/5/12 algae rescape

Since there has been a lot of talk recently about hawaiian red shrimp, I've decided to share my tank.

Tank Size: 2.5 gallon AGA
Substrate: Crushed Florida Coral
Hardscape: Red Lava Rock (BBQ lava rock)
Filtration: Box filter filled with filter floss and ceramic media
Heating: 7.5 watt Hydor Heater (though I don't think it still works)
Lighting: 27 watt cf bulb with a desk lamp, timed for 14 hours and sunlight from a south-facing window
Water Parameters: Ill measure the nitrogens, pH, kH, and gH later. The current salinity is 27 and the specific gravity is 1.020.
Fauna: 40+ Halocaridina rubra aka Hawaiian Volcano Shrimp aka Opae Ula, MTS
Flora: Cladophora, Green Dust Algae, Hair Algae, Marimo Balls, some sort of bubble algae on the surface

I've had the tank setup for almost two months now. It's pretty much near zero maintenance. All I do is: Do top-offs with dechlorinated tap water; Change about 50% of the water once a month; Add marine salt to adjust the salinity if it drops too low (since some salt leaves the tank because of salt creep) during water changes; And supplement the shrimps feeding maybe once a week with either soft green algae (when I have any) or a small piece of algae wafer.

Anyways here are some more pics. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pics. I should invest in a new digital camera...

Yes, there are MTS in the tank. They are surviving in full strength salt water. In fact they are breeding since I always see a new small baby every few days.

They will often chill in the lava rock pile, picking at the rocks.

Picking at the clouds of hair algae.

Picking at the GDA.

Feeding on an algae wafer.

Oddly enough, it seems that I have two varieties. One is the typical red form. The other is opaque white, similar to snowball shrimp. There are also some half-white, half-red ones that looks kinda like rilis.

More whites.

One of my bright reds. You can't really tell cuz my phone's camera sucks.

And that's it for now.

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