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Originally Posted by Planted-Community View Post
photography see my site
and Graphic design
Nice! Are you a fan of Harold Edgerton? All you photogs out there can thank him for perfecting strobes. He never considered himself an artist but just amazing, amazing stuff. Some of his more notable accomplishments (of which there are a lot)
Has had pieces hanging in the MOMA since it's first photographic exhibit.
Revolutionized sports photography.
Directed use of strobes for nighttime aerial recon photography, providing vital intel about troop movements in enemy territory. They are used in the nights immediately preceding the D-day invasion of Normandy, during the Battle of Monte Cassino, and in campaigns in the Far East.

Designed and operated systems that timed and fired US nuclear bomb tests. Edgerton and colleagues invented a camera (the Rapatronic) capable of photographing nuclear explosions from a distance of seven miles. These single-use cameras were able to snap a photo one ten-millionth of a second after detonation, with an exposure time of as little as ten nanoseconds, which is ten billionths of a second.

To put that in perspective, in roughly ten nanoseconds, light moves only ten feet!

Worked extensively with Jacques Cousteau. They explored and photographed sea floors from the Mediterranean to Lake Titicaca in the Andes Mountains.
Developed and used side-scan sonar to find sunken warships on the ocean floor.
Published many articles for National Geographic magazine. His first, "Hummingbirds in Action" contained high-speed photographs that illustrated for the first time the wing movement and flight patterns of Hummingbirds.
Won countless awards, patents, and the entire time creating mind-blowing images.
Sorry for the ramble, obviously I'm a big fan of his, and some of your photos remind me of his.
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