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80 Gallon Amazon Build(Pic Heavy)

Hi All,

I am about to embark on a new tank build for a new 120 gallon tank that I have just bought.. I am planning out the new build and have been looking back on my pictures etc from my 80 gallon amazon display. I always had intended to journal the build and the tank progress but I guess I never got around to it. So here it is, the first post is the actual building of the back ground. it is always my intention to build displays and environments that make my fish feel at home and comfortable and for the viewers of the tank to feel like they are catching a real glimpse of nature. Hope you enjoy, feel free to ask any questions.


80 gallon Bowfront from Marineland 26HX48X18(widest point)

Jager 125 - I highly recommend this brand of heater I believe it is and Eheim product.

Coralife Freshwater Aqualight 4X65w power compacts. I use two colormax bulbs and 2 6700k bulbs.
I have the fixture hung approximately 8 inches off the top of the tank.

Light Timing
I have the 2 color max bulbs on 8 hours a day and I give a 3 hour burst by turning on all 4 bulbs for 3 hours midday.

1 Eheim 2217
1 Eheim 2215
The fish and plants both love the flow from the dual filtration and I love the water clarity from the over filtration. I also personally think that the extra flow helps to prevent some algae types from getting rooted on my plant leaves.

Inert black sand and inert gravel. I originally used root tabs through out the tank for the first 6 - 8 months. This is not necessary anymore as fish poop provides all the ferts I need.

mostly none.
occasionally API plant zone
occasionally flourish excel for algae control..

The back ground has been cut into 3 pieces so I don't have to remove the tanks top brace.

Putting in the pieces I called risers - simply just foam insulation board.

Cutting in the vents to allow water behind the background for filtration and heating.

Glueing the Background back together in the tank using a light bead of silicone.

Always plan ahead for your heater, plumbing and airlines. In my next tank I am planing underwater lighting and will put the wires down and in behind similar to how the airline is done here.

Glueing final piece in.

Siloconing the back ground in place my one regret is using clear silicon I attempted to cover the joints with sand but was never satisfied fully with the results. A mistake I will not make with my next display.

The Finished product with out water or inhabitants.

The First days with Flora and Fauna.

I will go back through my pictures and update the progress over the last two years as it happened. And I will begin documenting my new build of the 120 gallon which will again have a 3 dimensional background but this time I am going to make it a bit more interesting(and complicated). With the new build I won't wait 2 years to begin the journal on here. Hope you all enjoy.


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