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One step closer, tank is painted though it's a really crappy job. Not sure what happened but seems there are spots on the tank that didn't accept the paint despite cleaning it well with alcohol. I'll have to touch them up later or use black tape to cover up the spots.

I also played around with my main rock of focus, my Oyaishi rock if you will. I have a few supporting rocks too, just didn't bring them in. I might go out and see if I can find anything else that would work better. But here is a quick shot of what I have to work with. I am debating on doing a Iwagumi style hardscape keeping nice and simple or building a kinda cliff type layout with a nice high shelf in the left corner built up behind the main rock and a retaining wall of other rocks. This shelf would extend from the back to about halfway to the front and from the left side to about mid tank. I have some ideas on how to make the shelf but I need to get into town to check the availability of supplies. Anyways, quick shot of my Oyaishi rock....

Don't mind the dirty glass and little bit of substrate. I just added enough to cover the bottom glass so I could get a better idea how things would look. There will be a lot more substrate in there when it's all finished.

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