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My first build with actual planning!

I am tearing down my current 40b planted tank because of algae issues and equipment issues. I am tired of Diy co2 and I am done with my HOB filter. I also have clamp on utility lights with CFLs and it just looks annoying after a while. I don't even like the look of the 40b as much either, it is too squaty.

The New Tank:

I am going to use my old 29 gallon that I have had in storage for a while now. I de-rimmed it about a year ago because the rim was warped. I had it setup for about 8 months and it held water fine so I feel pretty comfortable with it. I also have my old dual t5 fixture from my saltwater tank.(I bought LEDs for the saltwater tank). Now I have a de-rimmed 29 gallon with one nice light on it. I finally was able to buy black diamond sand so I rinsed about 35-40 pounds of it and it is ready to be added. I also have some 100% organic top soil to use underneath. I also have a Fluval 205 filter I got on Black Friday for $50 bucks. Now all I need is a Heater and a co2 system.

co2 system:

I have been waiting for a while now to get a co2 system and within 2 months I will try to have one. I am still looking at what I can get so I don't get anything I will regret later. I am wanting to have the ability to run from a full size tank and a paintball tank too. Not at the same time of coarse but interchangeably. I don't want to get used nor do I want to have it made for me. I want to buy every thing new. I want it to be simple also so I want to get all the parts from the same company and know they work together properly. I am really looking at these. Tell me which one will be better.


I will get a paintball adapter to also.

I will try to get pictures up later.

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