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Went with four filters because of all the grazing area for shrimp. And for flow. Even with that many, it's still just barely where I want it. Usually use two of them on 5.5gal tanks.

Concern about the fixture isn't so much light spread but having too much lighting for negligible planting. Am hoping that condensation on the glass top - along with floaters - the levels will be cut down significantly. Have one of these fixtures on a tank that's shorter and it is crazy-high light. Way brighter in person than I ever thought possible for such a cheap light. ADA has one on a short tank and has to keep the fixture raised up a bunch, too.

Already have about 150ish cherries at home and thousands at work. Could move some of them to the tank to start a new colony. Or could order something else. If I go with Yellows, will probably only start out with 10-15 because they're spendy. Gonna do PFRs in this Ebi I'm about to flood.

Thanks for all of the feedback.

Still struggling with how weird it is not to be thinking about an EI dosing schedule for a new tank.
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