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So Maybe I Have A (20L) Shrimp Problem…

NOTE: This journal documents two separate 20 longs. Read through to learn about them both.

A problem in that I just set up ANOTHER TANK a few weeks ago and it's nearly ready for shrimpy stocking. Nitrite spike is almost over and I'm excited, to say the least.

Not pretty, no, but here it is:

By far the least fancy thing I have ever put together. Killing me not to scape it like woah but I really want to focus on creating a terrific shrimp habitat. Hid it on the bottom shelf of my plant grow-out rack.

The goods:

  • 20 gallon long
  • All kinds of Fluval Shrimp Stratum (approximately 7,000 pounds of it)
  • Random "Pagoda" stone, which works well in my public water
  • 4 giganto double sponge filters powered by a pump that's strong enough to scare me
  • Hydor heater
  • Marineland Double Bright LED Fixture
  • Random mosses (they're littered with decaying floaters right now - didn't have good lighting til today)
  • Frogbit, Salvinia, Duckweed, maybe some Anubias and chain sword when I get around do it, definitely more moss

It's going to be shrimp and snails ONLY. A few horned Nerites, Ramshorns and Neocaridina of some sort.

Cherries are my all-time favorite and I may stick with them. Toying with ordering some of those fancy Yellows from Rachel, though. Maybe I could divide the tank and have both.

And should I raise that light fixture up a bit? I can't decide.

Moral of the story: I have a problem and can't believe I have another tank ready to go. Guess it's time to start consolidating.

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