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Hi Everyone:

First part is for Rex, I had a response from Jungle products, turns out the Nitrite/Nitrate and ammonia test srips are salicylate and compatible with
Jungle(r) water conditioners. (hope that means with Seachem too)

Next are my test results today:
nitrite 10
nitrate 80
ph 7.6
kh 4
gh 6
ammonia .5

Thanks again!


PS The prime applicator isn't the best, I discovered 1 ml=1cc, so since I do my own dog vacines I have a supply of syringes. I just removed the needle and used a syringe to dose my water conditioner......much easier to read and precise. syringes are easy to come by at feed stores, or if they won't sell them without the vacine, Foster and Smith is a great source.

the image you see to the right is an adobtable pet from His name is Omar, and heres his bio:
Omar is quite the little athlete who adores his toys and treats and just knows his person is out there!
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