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Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Wonder how are u in scape club but live in Illinois hehe
I'm from LA. I work/continuing education out here.

Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
I like the lights. Are you using CFLs or PAR LED bulbs?
I'm using the EcoSmart 27-watt Full Spectrum CFL light bulb (only ONE!). Other people on this forum recommended it cuz it hits hard at 5500K and hairgrass supposedly will grow in anything from the 5000K-7000K spectrum, but closer to 5500K cuz that is daylight. You can pick it up for like $9 at your local major hardware store. *wink, wink*

Originally Posted by keilatan View Post
Only one week for runners? Awesome! That's good news for sure.

The setup is great, I love just the grass.
The root growth and vertical growth has been strong. I am contemplating trimming for a second time already just to get more runners going...just not sure how low to trim. Does anyone have a good idea about how low you can trim hairgrass?
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