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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
I was bored today so in an effort to combine some equipment I build a Barr Reactor so that I can remove a powerhead and tubing and get rid of the Rex Reactor I have sitting on top of my tank. I added the sponge filter the other day and will add a second one soon. Plan it to get rid of the AC 110 HOB eventually having the two sponge filters and maybe a couple small powerheads. Here is a shot of the Barr Reactor, this is not the spot it will stay, I'll be moving it to the back corner and hide it behind some plants....

Out of curiosity how did you determine the size of that tube or did you just leave the tube as is when you repurposed it? Interesting idea. I would need a second powerhead and in a small 20L that may be pretty tight. I already have one in use but it has a DIY spray bar and that whole set up takes up enough space. Maybe a smaller powerhead? It's a Marineland 400 Maxi Jet that I am using now.

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