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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Thought I could put off scaping my empty 12gal a while longer... and then, bam, you have to go and show us all how great those tanks can look.

I really like the way that stone is aging under water.

Given any additional thought to a cover of some sort? Have toyed with getting a couple glass panels cut but can't decide if the idea is aesthetically pleasing. Your shrimp problem makes me think it may be worth it.
So does that mean we'll get to see a journal from you soon? I initially was put off by the small size of this tank, but it has grown to be one of my favorite tanks.

I've looked into two options:

2. (Via eBay)

Option one is not very aesthetically pleasing so I may just pass on that. Option two seems like the route I might take. I have a few sheets of acrylic that I might cut down to size to use as a lid. Essentially the same as a glass lid but less fragile. Lowering the water level on this tank is an interim solution at this point. Since it's only ~9.5 inches tall, and I already have about 2 inches of substrate, lowering it too much is unfavorable. I guess what's more unfavorable is having expensive shrimps commit suicide.

Originally Posted by looking4roselines View Post
Did you go big on your emerge setup?
Just don't over fertilize and clean all your plants thoroughly to get rid of any pests before planting them in your setup. Once you get it, it's pretty hard to get rid of
It's only a 20 gallon long tank at this point, but I might snatch up a 40 gallon breeder or another 55 gallon tank tonight. I bought a reptile humidifier to keep the humidity high inside the tank. Plants were cleaned thoroughly prior to being added to the tank. I have another small C. Keei shoot and a C. Flamingo that I'm using at the moment. I know you've stated that you didn't have much luck with the Keei emerged, so I'm not quite sure what to expect with this.
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