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Thanks for the nice words Fisherman, Green Valley, CatchandRelease, and BrayN!

Green Valley--this tank has been up and running since the first or second week in November, or so. Not too long. I should have planted it more heavily than I did; it would have made a big difference in my algae battles. I just recently have been able to start dosing ferts the way it needs to be...before, it would have only fed the hundred or so varieties of algae growing in there!

BrayN! Thanks for introducing yourself! I am new to the area; just moved here from St. Louis a few months ago. I'm flattered that you like the tank, and oddly, I was inspired by corals prop tanks to have my tank fashioned after them. You can do a some nice stuff in a 10gallon, though! Bigger is not better, necessarily! If you ever decide to get out of reef tanks, there is an entire realm that you can explore with planted freshwater!! Also: you should look at joining the local forum or It is mostly about cichlids, for now, but there is a growing activity on the site for both saltwater tanks and freshwater tanks outside of pure cichlids.
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