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40B of Obscurity...yellow neo tank, now running, with pics.

Starting another build thread that will be lost in the traffic, but that's ok.

I am starting out with a 40B I grabbed at the latest Petco sale, just finished building the stand frame. Still deciding if I am going to skin it or not. The tank isn't going to be out in the house, it'll be in a spare room (my fish room so to speak) so I am really not concerned about the looks.

Plans are, Black Diamond blasting media substrate, two sponge filters, possible medium/high light with CO2 but not sure on that yet, Iwagumi style hardscape, lots of Java Fern and moss. Inhabitants will be the really nice yellow neos that I got from sewingalot. If you read this Sara...shrimp are doing great and starting to breed

Anyways, that's about it for now...not much I is a quick pic of the tank and stand and I'll get one soon of the Oyaishi rock I plan to use in the scape. As usually, comments and suggestions are welcome...please comment...I suck at this stuff and can always use lots of help


Next step is cleaning and paint the tank...back and sides will be black.

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