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Originally Posted by chubbyone View Post
Hey, what regulator are you using for the bike CO2 containers?
I am using a Fluval one. I actually transitioned it back to my paintball CO2 system so I have the bike CO2 controller just sitting around. Let me know if you are interested in it and have something to trade or buy with and I can send it to you on the cheap.

Originally Posted by WallaceGrover View Post
Are you going to raise the waterline to the rim?
That sounds risky. I've never seen people really do that. Does anyone do that with rimless???

Originally Posted by akpoly View Post
wheres the fishies at
They're in a friend's sanctuary tank while I wait for ammonia to bottom out. Still pretty damn high at about 6.5 today before I did water change.

Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
Wow that's unfortunate, I have a derimmed 10, don't scare me

Looks like that Top Fin one has enough silicone for about 3 tanks on it though LOL. With a little bit more razor scraping and gunk cleanup around the top it would look great though.
Funny you should suggest that because I just finished up scraping and goo goning the top rim a couple days ago and I am just about to upload updated images...

Question for other hairgrass far do you guys trim your hairgrass down for fastest horizontal growth? Should I be taking this down further? Thanks ahead.
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