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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Oh whoops, didn't see you post that before. That huge picture of the divider caught my eye haha. Any chance you'll be putting up some peacock moss for sale ?

So how's the flow through that 40B tank? Do you have a powerhead set up or something?
Lol yeah I figured that would give you a good visual of what I used I actually just posted a thread on the swap and shop last night

The flow in the 40b wasnt what I expected. I ended up using 3 HOB AquaClear 20's for each section. I started out with a HOB 50 in the middle but wasnt enough surface movement. Then I tried to 20's on each side and the middle was still a lil stagnant. I could of used airstones but didnt want to raise my ph so I just put one in each section. Big Als sells AquaClears for cheap, I have them on all my tanks but one, which is my main and its a canister. Im more of a fan of the HOB's.
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