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Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
Two T8's will give you low light, and that's what I run on my 25G.

If you have a glass cover on that 25G, and you have some 10G incandescent fixtures (or can scavenge them up inexpensively), you could also place one or two on the cover. Use 6,500K (daylight) spiral CFLs of any wattage you want in them. Ain't pretty, but you can really play around with your lighting levels that way, on the cheap.
Thanks for the advice! I actually have two of them...! Don't think the bulbs are the right kind, but I can find them cheap....! What do you think about the fixture in my post above...?

Think I'm going to order the fixture I linked in my post above, I would rather have a little too much power than too little in case I want to grow something else in the future. It looks like a reasonably sturdy fixture too.... Can hit it with black matte paint for aesthetics.

I'll wait around a little longer for thoughts and opinions before purchasing, still washing some of the Miracle Grow to sort out all the floaties...!
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