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Please! Lighting help! Overwhelmed!

Hey everyone, first post!

Been pretty big into lizards, I have chameleons in very large outdoor/ indoor free ranges, I've kept all sorts of frogs in large arboreal enclosures.... Been doing the exotic pet thing for awhile. Recently had a 30"X12"X18" (25gal?) tank fall into my hands, and am wanting to turn it into a low tech planted tank!

I need some help choosing lighting for my tank though, I've been reading for days now and haven't made much progress in choosing a fixture/light. Hoping someone can just link me something to buy? I'm looking at this fixture, but it seems much, much too expensive, I'm hoping to spend about $30 for the whole lighting setup. All I need is a cheap fixture, and bulb!

Hydrofarm T5 Jump Start Light Fixture:

I have a picture of my tank below (30"X12"X18" (25gal?)). I have already layered the bottom with a bit of hydroton I had laying around, am using Miracle Grow as my substrate, am going to cap with large grained sand, and some decorative gravel.

I'm not hoping to achieve anything show worthy, I just want a big wet glass box full of goopy green stuff to be honest. I'll probably buy some plants from my local Zamzows, but I might just go around to ponds in my area grabbing whatever looks cool, I'm not sure yet. I would eventually like to have a bunch of shrimp and maybe a plecostomus or two floating around, but if the conditions look/ are harmful then it's a no go.... Or maybe just a beta...?

I don't want a whole lot of advice on substrate, how I'm introducing things, the plants I'm wanting to use or the fish I'm hoping to keep. I just want a reasonably powerful light. I'm well aware that I might get algae blooms, but I don't mind...! I just want to see what this thing produces, even if it is a giant glob of algae.... I'm confident everything will work out.


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