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A few thoughts a year in... For starters the transition between underwater and immersed growth is a bit weak, they do still look like plants in pots stuck to the side... I'm planning a major rescape sometime in the next month in order to build a proper island for the plants to grow on, and to remove a rock that I think is adding to the water hardness.

I am also taking the risk of gradually lowering the water hardness through water changes. This might upset the plants a bit and reduce the stability of the water parameters, but I do feel the need to bring the conditions closer in line to what the fish in the tank prefer. I think as long as I do things gradually (as with everything in this tank!) then it should be OK.

The alternative would be to move the Paros and Boraras across to the new nano cubes, but there's no way I could keep them in a self-sustaining fashion by doing that. I really hope to be able to get the Paros breeding one way or another, as otherwise all I'm doing is contributing to the consumption of an endangered species.

I think the other important thing to highlight is how slow the development of this tank has been... it's taken a year to get to the point that a high tech solution would reach in a matter of weeks (plant growth wise). However, the upside of this is that things in the tank really are starting to look properly wild... I've got mosses that I never even knew were in the tank creeping across wood and stone, and the mulm has just reached the point where my hydrocotyles are throwing out roots for the first time, instead of just spreading with runners. The whole ecosystem is still not in balance after a year - the last 2 weeks have seen an explosion in the Hyella azteca population that I thought had died out completely when I added them way back in the summer.

It's not a style of tank for the impatient, and even I sometimes struggle to resist the urge to mess around with it or (hardest of all), not chuck an extra hundred fish in!
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