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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
This is exactly what I want my next tank to be.

Do you find the Co2 kit to be costly with the replacement cans? If one 88g last you for one month, then down the line, you will end up paying for a full Co2 kit.

Space is my main concern and I was thinking of buying a regulator and using paintball. Do you turn off the kit at night to save Co2?

Great scape by the way, love the carpet.

Oh, forgot to ask, how did you do that ripple effect? Do you just add a drop of water then took the pic?
Thank you About the CO2 kit, yes, it is costly if count it like that. But I don't really mind about it because just like you, space constraint is really a problem to me. Another thing is, when I bought this kit, I was in hurry to replace my DIY yeast CO2 with a proper kit which I can control the CO2 supply more precisely. Paintball setup was definitely in my mind but due budget constraint at that time, I went for this Fluval kit. But now, I'm looking paintball kit with solenoid because this Fluval kit is difficult to adjust. Just a little bit tuning on the knob will cause huge difference in bps. But I don't think I will replace this kit with paintball soon. Still in consideration.

To save CO2, I turn it off an hour before light off and turn it on usually an hour after light on. Sometime later than that, depends on my schedule.

Another thing I want you to know, honestly, I haven't change the can since I started using it early November until now. So, it's almost 2 months already. I never expect each can will last this long, but yeah, this surprised me. However, when I was away for 11days, I set the bps to 1 bubble for every 5-6 seconds. Now, I set it to 1 bubble for every 2 seconds average. So, I don't know how to calculate how long each can will last. Maybe one day I will set up an experiment to test it, with more controlled variables.

I just drop some water using a liquid dropper after I set my camera on timer. The ripple effect was not nice, more like a UFO to me It will be better if use a hair dryer or anything similar.

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