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a couple hours and a power nap's my hacked down tank!

FTS warning! i was brave and hacked away... not too brave tho i left some guys alone lol.

changes notes are:
- moved my hygro pinnatifidia (a more sturdy branch like plant) to shield my lanky sunset/green hygros from the clockwise current in my tank.
- replanted/positioned my p. stellata so its not shaded behin my rotalas
- literally beheaded my rotala walichi and repositioned to background
- same for my macrandra/indica bunch. divided them into basically two planted bunch tops behind DW
- replanted r. nanjenshan front and center behind stargrass
- accidentally lopped my synoganthus belem top off as i was pruning, replanted stubby top :O
- had to mechanically remove diatoms, i know they should be gone in time, but it was gettin pretty thick down there. i sensed my c. parva suffocating
- combed thru my flame moss
- hacked some p wort down
- of course the lilies and helped the crypts removed some melted stems
- dosed GH booster/Macros/Excel

I know my l. aromatica is happy, and of course the crazies (fishies)

a heck of a lot of work for a little tank... my back!

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