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Originally Posted by .Mko. View Post
he also added a "gold spot stiphodon goby" and Sicyopterus cynocephalus (Cleft-lipped Goby) to the 10 gallon as a new experiment for algae eaters.
Got a pic of the Cleft-lipped Goby :

Also, I totally understand with the modern look, some of the stands with the extra trimming touches look too "fancy" or excessive. Simplicity in furnishings can really be beautiful alot of the times.

As i've learned with hockey goalie gear - sometimes doing it yourself is best (alot of my gear is customized and hand modded by myself to my own likings) - so it can definitely apply to the aquarium hobby as well with some vision applied.
It can definitely be seen with some DIY projects i've seen here in the past when i was more active.
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