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Originally Posted by bsmith View Post
Thanks guys (hopefully, sorry if not!). That's what I was hoping to hear. I have made more than just a few similar posts to people journals and was greeted to either their misplaced anger or their sobs and them saying how they might just end up taking the tank down, etc, boo hoo hoo. I couldn't take it. So to say I was a bit trepidacious about posting true, direct, helpful constructive criticism here would be an understatement. Not only because taking the time to dissect your tank with my eyes and mind is time consuming but also putting the effort to give you my best direction and then typing it out is also not as simple as saying 'nice work, keep it up'!

But I felt that from what I saw you obviously do care about your hobby and aren't just wasting your money on a hobby that will be packed away in the basement in the next three months and joined our site to just post threads with questions that have painfully obvious answers and reject any views/opinions that vary from your own even the slightest bit.

Plus I have a 40b sitting in my basement awaiting its filling only because I cannot find/make a stand that doesn't rind me of a Dr's office or some other sterile environment!

What is yours being supported by?

Want to give constructive criticisms on my tank too? jk you dont have to if you don't want to. I get a lot of "good jobs" and a few tips but not to the degree that you dished out. I'd love that. Me and Kayen both really enjoy the size and depth of the 40B and both would take your points to consideration the next time we work on the tank.
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