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One intake in this photo was a victim of man handling when testing for fit and some are going into the other secret project I am working on, but I always like to have back ups just in case. I didn't break tne hacksawed one so I didn't cry to badly. Went nuts on DFS and picked up new 306 fluval to drive the system and a pair of the new Ista reactors to try out, as well as a Hydor inline heater for the other project while I was at it. The blurb they had on the 306 said all the right things, and while 300+ gph may be a lot for a 12 gallon tank, I love to have more capacity than I need rather than needing more than I have. I could have DIY'd a reactor, and have done so in the past, but I like to try new things and they were cheap. Not sure if I will use the reactor or my inline Atomic yet, but I have always disliked the misty look of the Atomic. May just use it on my grow out.
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