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Wife's - 15g classroom dirt tank *summer update* 6-4-12

I want to start out by thanking a few members who have helped with this project.

Okay so about two weeks ago I set up a 15g to go in my wife's classroom. I figured I owed them a nice tank since I took the turtle home to put him in a bigger tank. This tank is planted, will be rescaped soon once the mailman brings me all my priority boxes (I've got to stay out of the SnS).
Anyway I picked this tank up off craigslist for $15. Wasn't to bad as it came with top, light, hob, and a 6' gravel vac. I dumped the gravel and decorations.

This tank will be in a 3rd grade classroom. It will come home for summer (it's kind of like shared custody) but in school the rest of the year. My wife has weekly jobs she rotates for the kids. One of those jobs is "petkeeper"
Their job will be to feed and dose (I really hope they listen when I come in to tell them how to do this). I will come in once every two weeks to redo the co2, do water change, prune, etc maint. Anyway we will see how this goes.

I am using diy co2, and will be dosing with green thumb aquatics.

Substrate -
MTS capped with PFS

Lighting -
kit light with 6500k daylight CFL's

Flora -
red tiger lotus
fissedens moss
christmas moss
java moss
south american frog bit
Cryptocoryne Balansae
Cryptocoryne parva
various crypts
various anubis
Staurogyne Repens - in transit
java fern
aluminum plant
peace lily
spider lily
other plants I don't know the name of (I just can't get the hang of that)

Fauna -
3 otto
20+ red rili
3 amano

Anyway on with a few pics. I apologize now for them being cell phone pics but I haven't got my new laptop cord in so I can't pull anything off the camera.

1-5-12 FTS

1-22-12 FTS

2-2-12 FTS

3-5-12 FTS

6-4-12 FTS

Setup pics

frogbit is getting some good roots

I will update this again before I take the tank to the school (still waiting for the cycle and then I will order the shrimp). From then on out I will update every two weeks. Thanks for looking.

Semper Fi

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