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Exclamation To all of you who own a Eheim- READ THIS

The other day I had just cleaned out my Eheim 2213. I had reattached the quick- connects and was had just opened the and let the air circulate through the filter when I noticed a small stream of water leaking from the point where the outlet hose connects to the filter head. I removed the hose and found that the PLASTIC barb on the filter head was crack clean half way around the circumference of the barb. First I tried warming the hose in boiling water and slipping it over the threads on the barb. I got it over the threads, but it still leaked. I tried removing the hose only to break the cracked part of the barb clean off. I was running out of ideas when my Dad came to see what was wrong. The pictures below show how he helped

He recommended that I put the hose back over the threads and tighten a hose clamp over it. I added a bit of pipe tape to be safe
Click image for larger version

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Here you can see that the nut is no longer needed and where the barb broke
Click image for larger version

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And just a view from the inside
Click image for larger version

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I know some of you are thinking "Why on earth does he think I need know this?" I want every body to know of the modification so that they do not have to go through the panic and frustration that I did. This is a good modification to make no mater what you think. Plastic can not be trusted. I only put the modification on the filter head because it (of all the connections) endures the most stress, but it still would be a good idea to put this modification on all of your filter connections

Not all of you out there will make the same mistakes that I did, but there are some people that will and I want to make sure that they know how to avoid them and prevent them.

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To all of you that own an Eheim- READ THIS
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