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So on new years day, I got down to the hard work of planting the HC I had picked up at my LFS. It really does take a lot of work put it all in, and frankly the crappy tweezers I had did not really do me any favors. After slowly breaking the pots of HC into pieces and planting it I got the tank ready for the long wait.
This is where I ended up, sorry about the condensation, I had been spraying as I planted and didn't really get the glass cleaned up at all.

Here is a sideways shot of the right side slope. If it stays in place when I fill it, I will do a crazy war dance.

I have some Elocharis 'belem' on the way that will be added into the mix around the hardscape this weekend. The tank is set for a few weeks of emersed growth, and the HC is already getting after it, and showing new growth. Here is the current state of affairs, three days later. It is hard to see, but their is new leaf growth.
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