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How big is your established tank? Something else that's really good to do to speed up the cycling process is to squeeze the filter media from an established filter into the new tank (better yet is to add the filter media itself directly into the new filter, but that's only if you won't be taking that media away from a tank that you're continuing to keep fish in). There's different ways to add an ammonia source for the beneficial bacteria to establish/feed on, you can either put in some flake food and let it decompose or you can use Ace brand pure ammonia. If you're willing to slowly add fish (after cycle is complete add only 1 fish, wait a few days for the bacteria build to handle the ammonia produced by that fish, then add another fish, wait a few days, etc/repeat) in the tank then the flake food method would be a good way to. If you want to add a large fish load right away then the pure ammonia route is the way to go. Just be sure if you go that route that you definitely get pure ammonia with nothing but ammonia in the ingredients... no other chemicals, surfacants, perfumes, dyes, etc.

Oh and the whole "fill the tank with water from an established tank" is not a way to have an instantly cycled tank. There's very very little beneficial bacteria floating around in the water, the bb likes to settle onto things like gravel, plants, filters/filter media... especially filter media... the bb's really like the oxygen flow of a filter/filter media.
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