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first timer 40gal tall tank setup

I was shopping around for a tank when a friend offered this one up for free. I decided to make it into a planted tank.

I'm VERY flexible on what I'm doing. I have a vague plan, but nothing is set in stone. My original plan is to fill this 3/5ths and have some plants growing at the top with their roots in the water as well as plants on the bottom. I guess that would make this a Riparium (or is that a paludarium)? I can't get all the names strait.

Here is my progress so far:
A base layer of some planted tank substrate from petsmart
a layer of black gravel on top of that
some boiled wood.
currently a single sun-glo 18" bulb (15 watt maybe)

After the water set for a day or two, I picked up some plants and some shrimp from a store I'd never been to. Very nice guy but he had no idea what this stuff was (he was a salt water guru).

So far, I have
-what I think is Nana or petite Nana, the guy didn't know.
-What I think is Jungle Val (again, he didn't know)
-some duck weed
-3 little brown shrimp with a lighter stripe down their back. (again, he didn't know)

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