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Originally Posted by LetThereBeFish View Post
Holy cheese you have a nice tank! You got more growth in one month than I get in a whole year .
thanks LTBF! right now i'm only dosing excel... i am totally psyched to see what kind of growth i will get when i start juicing CO2! maknwar's building one for me, just waiting on some parts. maybe this weekend!

Originally Posted by LetThereBeFish View Post
I don't know if you already showed this, but whats your fish list? I see neons and dwarf rainbows. Anything else?
here's my fish list:

10 Cardinal Tetra
10 Chili Rasbora
10 CRS
8 Batik Nerite
6 Pygmy Cory
6 Dwarf Rainbowfish
6 Furcatas Rainbowfish
3 German Blue Ram (1 dead during spawning battle, I am very very sad )
3 Otocinclus

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