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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
The tank is coming along great and I love the progress. It looks great now but I have a feeling it has a way to go, I think you will make it even better. It is super lush and your plants look really healthy. I want to see where this goes.
thanks bro.. but ya i agree it totally has a long way to go. i just have to stick to the vision. that parva carpet was a pain in the @$$ plant lol... but i hope i can get it thick like plantbrain's. also i just planted a few more kool stems from a friend's tank takedown last night. i'll get pics up shortly

Originally Posted by ptr View Post
Beautiful. It's just amazing none of your crypts melted. Most do in my tank. Eventually they grow back, but they look quite ugly for a while.
Originally Posted by demonr6 View Post
Beautiful tank, looks like you have it well under control.

They do not always necessarily melt. I bought a number of crypt that were grown emmersed and I planted them, let them simmer in the new tank for a week before flooding it and I had maybe two stems melt and that was it. Not bad when you have 20 plants and only two leaves die off.
thanks guys... don't be fooled i definitely have some melts, just not apparent in the pic. i also have unsightly diatoms all over my groundcover parvas... i guess new tank syndrome.

a knowledgeable friend told me the crypt basically "resets" itself when newly planted or moved. this happened to my red wendtii, one of the first crypts i first i was alarmed but i noticed new growth already at the crown... so i help it a bit by plucking and trimming away leaves that begin to show any sign of melting, all the way down to the base of the plant... and man my crypts love it!

i'll post pics of my wendtii also. oh and gordon richard's told me one thing, he said: "remember fisherman.. fertz are a crypt's best friend" lol

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