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Gloucester...... new to fishkeeping. Took my first hour (and some change...tolls) to Tropical Isle last week. Older woman at the register was very "short" with me. I jokingly asked "do I need to get a number to find help?" She replied without so much as a smile "just ask someone who works here" which I replied "and who might that be?"..she replied "anyone with a blue shirt on".....Thanx! The staff member who ended up helping me was very nice and very patient....although she told me that because my tap H20 (I brought in a sample) contained .25 of Ammonia I had two choices...either I plan on purchasing bottled water every time I did a water change or buy an API Water Filter ($80.00). I bought the leaked like a sieve.....piece of crap!

I drove out there again today to return "piece of crap"...same woman at register....same sunny attitude! LOL! Bought some Wisteria and some Cories....young woman who "helped" me was very impatient and left me with the impression that she was rushing me through my purchase and had zero interest in helping me with my decision, even my 13 yr old niece commented that "that lady doesn't seem to care about our questions". I won't be going back there......not worth the gas money.

I may try Skipton's....any other suggestions from my fellow eastern ma fish lovers?
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