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Thanks buddy. I hope so too. But I think I'm still dreaming now. It's probably going to end up more like $400, maybe $500. Hopefully I can save about $300 by my Birthday (that's very achievable, I think... I've been saving and growing until Christmas where I splurged on some expensive jewlery for my mom that she's only worn twice so far lol. But I'm at $120 and counting after my SSS purchase from Nikki. So hopefully I can breed those and sell them by August, my birthday, along with my other shrimp, and you know how parents are... "Awww, our little entrepreneurial son, he's working hard, doing well in school, I just bought a freaking $100K car, maybe we should help him out and give him the extra $200 ". Fun stuff. I hope to be a powerseller by the end of this year (What? It just started yesterday!?).

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