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Since this tank faces a southern window, I use the extra sunlight to grow some mosses above the tank.

A pair of Slurpee cups filled with mixed mosses. There's java, taiwan, flame, fissdens, peacock, and some other random stuff growing in there.

There's about a softball-baseball sized clump of moss in each of those cups. They might end up in the SnS in the near future.

Some fissdens I am trying to save from Cladophora. The fissdens attached to the driftwood but so did the clado. Currently Im using some H202 to kill the algae.

And lastly, here's some Taiwan moss im trying to grow in a 16oz jar. This too will end up in the SnS once it completely fills up the container. Also that's a shrimp tank underneath the moss. It's not Neos or CRS but something else. But that's for another thread

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