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So it's been a while since I've posted the initial planting. Time for some updates.

Here's the tank now. Most of the crypts melted and there's some new growth. Also there's some brown and soft green algae growing on some of the older leaves, the driftwood, and the rock. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad.

C. lucens growth.

Added some Dwarf Water Lettuce from dhgyello04. Also, can you spot the Frogbit?

Azure, the plakat betta.

His fin color changes depending on the lighting. Here's with a flash.

It's pretty hard to take pics of him since he doesn't like to stay still.

After several shots, he decided to stay still so I could take a pic of his side without the flash. Also Im not sure if that MTS is alive or dead. Some days I see it at random spots in the tank, upside-down and not moving for hours on end. Other days, it's busy munching away on melted crypt leaves.

Anyways, I ordered some liquid ferts from Rootmedic and I should be dosing those for the DWL and w/e moss and stuff I decide to add later on. Also I was thinking of adding some Dwarf Rasboras of some sort or maybe some shrimp sometime in the future but only if Azure doesn't try to eat them. He tries to eat my MTS from time to time when it's moving...

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