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Switching from Diy co2 to Pressurized

I have been using DIY co2 for about a year now and it is getting really old. One of the reasons I have not really tried to get a pressurized system is because I found the whole thing kind of overwhelming and a little over the top. I was also worried about being able to find a place that would refill a tank for me. I have been looking around and I think I might now know what to get. I want to get a regulator and solenoid and an adapter for a paintball can. Let me paste some links of what I am looking to get.



With these will I be able to run from a regular tank as well as use the adapter to use a paintball tank too? Also is this everything except for the tubing and a deffuser?

- I know paintball tanks won't last as long but I want to have the option to use it in case I have problems filling a bigger tank.

- It will be running on a 40 gallon Breeder.
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