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Originally Posted by demonr6 View Post
Okay sometimes I am not a nice person.. this is going to be one of those times so forgive me in advance. There is a betta in that first pic, in that filthy &^%@# tank. Personally you should be drop kicked for keeping any livestock in that condition much less a poor betta which I have a soft spot for because they are kept in horrid conditions. This tank takes the freaking cake though. That the poor thing has survived this long is incredible but I can probably guess why the other died.. absolutely awful. Good luck with your new tank, I hope you do not let this tank turn into a festering nightmare and put your poor fish through hell. Don't take it personal though, I had to make my peace after seeing that pic.
Actually as long as the water was fine that betta was probably happier with a nice algae "shield" around it than any betta from a crystal clear tank. Less stressed I would bet...
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