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So unbelievably happy, impressed and surprised with this tank. I'm waiting for something to go wrong!


Images from left to right:

Riparium section from left to right:

Philodendron scandens (big broad leaves)

Asclepias curassavica (tall plant)

Rotala rotindifolia

Ludwigia repens

Hygrophilia polysperma

Cyperus isolucladus (tall plant, may stems)

Hydrocotyl vulgaris (little round leaves, also floating bare rooted)

Vesicularia dubyana (java moss, tucked in there somewhere)

Fittonia albivenis (red leaves)

Spathiphyllum sp. (peace lilly, not sure which species)

Pilea cardieri (back right, white and green leaves)

Ludwigia natans

Pellonia repens (climbing out of the tank far right

Aquatic section:

Sagittaria subulata

Vesicularia dubyana

Bacopa Sp.

Cryptocoryne moehimannii

Cryptocoryne Sp.

Bacopa amplexicaulis

Hygrophilai polysperma

Ignore the silicone will be covered in plant growth. A few more species to add, looking for other Pilea species and possibly some hairgrass.
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